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Please read the following information carefully. Ignorance of these policies does not exempt you from them.

Age Policy
OmegaCon is a 21+ convention. Please leave the kidlets at home. We have an exception for "Babes in Arms" meaning you may bring newborn children (under 1 year old) to the convention, if needed.

Conduct Policy
It should go without saying - be respectful of everyone. We’ve grown in size over the last decade (from 75 registered attendees in 2002 to over almost 200 attendees today) and we may not all know each other. We want all attendees to feel welcomed and included at OmegaCon. Moreover OmegaCon is a safe space for people of all identities in which bullying, harassment, and harassing behaviors will not be tolerated. We implore all attendees to be kind and respectful to everyone, including hotel staff. If you are feeling harassed or need support in feeling safe during OmegaCon please find an OmegaCon staff member to assist you.

There are many ways to relax and unwind at our convention (we aren't just a gaming convention) and all types of geeks are welcome – that includes crafters, readers, movie watchers, lap-top’ers, gamers, Lego builders – everyone. Be inclusive, friendly, introduce yourself, invite others to play board games, but also respect that, for some, “joining in” means just reading, relaxing, or being around other people.

Badge Policy
Each individual must be registered to attend OmegaCon. Make sure to register and check in upon arrival at the convention and wear your badge at all times. Sharing a badge with one or more people is not allowed. If you see someone without their badge, please remind them to wear it.

Membership Transfer Policy
We understand that sometimes life gets in the way of fun. If you are unable to attend due to extenuating circumstances we ask that you contact us as soon as possible to discuss transferring your membership. You do not need to inform us of specific details, but you do need to communicate to us that there is an extenuating circumstance precluding your attendance. You have two membership transfer options:

  • You may transfer your membership to someone else. Once you find someone who would like to take your membership please email OmegaCon and cc that person to inform us of the transfer. One thing to note: your registration payment will not be refunded from the convention. You are responsible for working out the financial details directly with the person who is taking over your membership.
  • We allow you to push your membership to the following year's convention. Please remember that OmegaCon Spring and OmegaCon Fall are separate conventions. For example you can push your OmegaSpring 2018 membership to OmegaSpring 2019 but not to OmegaFall 2018. You may push your membership once. If you cannot attend the second year then you may transfer your membership to someone else. If you have pushed your membership once already and you are unable to find someone to take your membership then the payment is considered a donation to the convention.
We appreciate as much notice as possible and ask that transfer requests be submitted by the Monday of OmegaCon weekend. Membership transfer requests submitted once the convention has started (3pm the Friday of OmegaCon weekend) will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Hotel Room Policies
The OmegaCon convention coordinates all convention hotel room reservations for The Lodge at Crooked Lake for both OmegaCon Fall and OmegaCon Spring. Room assignments at The Lodge are currently based on a “Golden Ticket” system for both conventions, as the convention is able to reliably fill the entire hotel.

*Please note that the following policies apply to The Lodge at Crooked Lake ONLY. Anyone attending OmegaFall or OmegaSpring who chooses to book at another hotel is responsible for securing their own room and following the policies of their chosen hotel. The convention does not contract, negotiate, or coordinate with any hotels other than The Lodge.

*Please also note: OmegaFall and OmegaSpring are considered separate conventions under the umbrella of OmegaCon. The policies below reference “current convention” and “next convention”: this refers to the convention of that type. For example, at OmegaFall 2016, “current convention” refers to OmegaFall 2016, and “next convention” refers to OmegaFall 2017.

Room Assignments
The “Golden Ticket” system applies to both Fall and Spring conventions; however, the conventions are considered separately for purposes of securing your room. You have separate Golden Tickets for Fall and Spring, even though you may have the same room for both.

To lock in a hotel room from one convention to the next, the person who holds the Golden Ticket must pre-register for the next convention prior to the end of the current convention. The Omegacon staff considers the Golden Ticket holder as the person who has the room listed with their information in the Registration book.

Any rooms for the next convention which are not secured by pre-registration for Golden Tickets as of the end of the current convention will be made available to the waitlist. The waitlist and procedures are described below. It is the responsibility of the Golden Ticket holder to ensure that their room is properly secured, should they wish to do so. The convention is not responsible for finding you, calling you, hunting you down, or otherwise reminding you.

Hotel Room Waitlist
Any individual who does not have a hotel room and has previously attended a convention may enter the hotel room waitlist. The waitlist order is determined by lottery numbers that are assigned after each convention; it is NOT a permanent list. I.e. if you are number 10 on the waitlist one year you may be number 3 the following year.

After the close of registration for each convention, the lottery order for the next convention is determined by dice roll for those who have opted into the waitlist. Once this process is complete, all additional requests will be added in the order of receipt. As rooms become available, they will be offered to the waitlist in this established order.

If you are offered a room via the waitlist and have not registered for that convention, you will also receive a deadline to submit your registration by in order to confirm your room. This is a hard deadline, and if your registration is not received in time, the room will be offered to the next person on the list.

Once you receive and confirm a room via the lottery system, you are now the holder of the Golden Ticket for that room for that convention.


OmegaSpring ’16 registration closes. There are five pre-registrations for OmegaSpring '17 who have indicated they would like to waitlist for a room. The dice are rolled for these five people and they are waitlisted in this order.

Over the next year, five additional people pre-register for Spring ’17 and would like rooms. They are waitlisted in the order of receipt of their registrations.

Please note: The waitlists are made and considered separately for OmegaCon Fall and Spring. It is possible to enter Fall’s waitlist at Spring; however, your waitlist position will be below the list from the prior fall and also any other entries received since then.

Hotel Room Transfers
In the event you are unable to join us for an OmegaCon, you are permitted to transfer your room and Golden Ticket to an established roommate. "Established” is defined as a roommate for two years or more. Furthermore, it is your responsibility to directly inform OmegaCon via email of your roommates. If you tell The Lodge about your roommates but do not tell OmegaCon, those roommates are not considered established with the convention as OmegaCon has no way of knowing about these roommates.

The cost for each room includes two people. Additional roommates are $10 per person per night. We strongly encourage you to list all your roommates so you have options in the future should you need to transfer your Golden Ticket.

In order to maintain a fair waitlist system you are not permitted to transfer your hotel room or Golden Ticket to an individual who is not established as your roommate.

Golden Ticket transfers are considered permanent.

All questions regarding transfers should be brought to the attention of the convention staff as soon as possible. Any requests for hotel room transfers submitted after the convention has started (3pm the Friday of OmegaCon weekend) will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

The convention reserves the right to make exceptions to the transfer policy in the event of extenuating circumstances.

Hotel Room Swaps
If you would like a different type of room, or a different room location, the convention recommends the use of the Facebook group as a way to connect with other attendees who might wish to exchange rooms. In the event that a swap is agreed upon, both Golden Ticket holders should contact the convention to verify the change.

In the absence of any other information, the convention will ultimately consider the person who holds the Golden Ticket as financially and otherwise responsible for the room.

Room Cancellation
If an OmegaCon hotel room at The Lodge is cancelled beyond a certain notice point, the room must still be paid for, even if it is not being used. This policy reflects the contract between the convention and the hotel, where the convention guarantees the number of rooms. As such, the convention’s room cancellation policy is as follows:

A hotel room must be cancelled no later than the Monday before the convention weekend in order to remove any financial responsibility on your part. You must provide your cancellation in writing; we recommend doing so by emailing info @ Should you cancel your room later than the Monday before the convention, and your room cannot be filled by another convention-goer, you will still be held responsible for the cost of the room.

Late cancellations may also affect your future rooms. The convention reserves the right, on a case-by-case basis, to cancel Golden Tickets for both OmegaCon Fall and Spring in the event of a late room cancellation for either convention. This policy will particularly apply to cases where the convention becomes responsible for the cost of a late-cancel room. In the event that you must late-cancel your room due to an emergency situation, please contact a member of the convention committee at your earliest opportunity to discuss options. Cancelled rooms may still be able to be filled very close to the convention, as both OmegaFall and Spring now reliably fill the entire hotel.

The convention is not responsible for reminding you that you have a hotel room for either convention, beyond your initial confirmation email (sent approximately four to six weeks prior to convention). You are responsible for providing the convention with correct contact information, including a current email address. If you are unsure as to whether you have a room, it is your responsibility to contact the convention for confirmation prior to the late-cancel deadline.

PLEASE NOTE: Email providers are notorious for directing our emails into Spam, Junk, Clutter, or other subfolders. Gmail in particular likes to put us in “Promotions”. We strongly recommend adding info @ to your “Safe Sender” or other non-blocked lists to ensure your reservation and hotel confirmations get to you properly.

Overflow Policy
Our convention hotel, The Lodge at Crooked Lake, has 60 sleeping rooms. These rooms are booked through the convention and tend to fill up quickly. If our host hotel is sold out, there are two other hotels in town that may be able to accomodate you. They are the Best Western Northwoods Lodge and the Pinewood Motel. You can book a room directly with one of those other two hotels if room is available and pay their standard rates.

Alcohol Policy
Roadkill’s Bar is funded and operated by OmegaCon, and is therefore considered part of the official convention program. The convention reserves the standard right to refuse alcohol service to anyone, at any time, for any reason or for no reason. The convention also reserves the right to immediately eject from the convention anyone who becomes abusive to volunteers and/or convention staff after being refused service. If you are refused service by the convention, fun can still be had. We encourage you to drink some water, eat some fried things, and play a few rounds of Cards Against Humanity.

E-Cigs & Vapers Policy
E-Cigs and Vapers will not be allowed in OmegaCon public spaces due to scent issues for participants. The Lodge’s policy for use of these devices in rooms is undetermined; please check at the front desk if you plan to use them in your room.

Pet Policy
While our host hotel allows certain kinds of pets (including dogs) the convention would prefer that you didn't bring your pets to OmegaCon. If you do bring an animal, be aware of the hotel’s pet policy. It is your responsibility to double-check that policy with the hotel directly to confirm nothing has changed in the year between conventions. The hotel charges a pet fee, per pet. Due to allergy and noise concerns, pets are not allowed in convention space areas, including ConSuite, the Big Bear Room, and Gandy Dancer. Pets must be kept outdoors or in the attendee’s hotel room at all times.

All content copyright OmegaCon. OmegaManTM and OmegaPuppyTM logos are the property of OmegaCon. Please do not use without permission. Est.2002