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Packing Checklist

  • Jammies & robe (we've got official ones for sale at the con too!)
  • Slippers & fuzzy socks.
  • Games... all sorts. Remember to label them with your name using the handy dandy CoCoGaZoRS (Color Coded Game Zone Return System). We'll also have a separate area for any games you'd like to offer up for free to your fellow conkiteers.
  • Swimsuit & sandals.
  • Walking/running shoes if you are participating in either our lake walk or lake run.
  • Cash for meals on your own and gratuities for housekeeping & delivery drivers. OmegaCon can now accept credit cards for registration and merchandise - however, cash is always appreciated!
  • Pretty Pretty Playtime accessories (make-up, etc.) & supplies for arts & crafts - flowers, necklaces/magnets, and new: origami paper! Cash donations also appreciated to help cover the cost of supplies.
  • Portable video game systems for local multi-player action.
  • Books, comics, knitting, and other stuff to soothe your inner introvert.
  • Alcohol and mixers (both for yourself and some to donate to our open bar, if able).
  • Beverage container - bring your own cup for alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. We also have a soda fountain in Gandy Dancer, so your cup can double as a soda cup. Help us reduce waste and cost!

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